Interior Design

Interior design is the concept through which you can decorate your home, hide its flaws and make it functional.
It makes your interiors pleasing to the eye.

How It Works

Meet with Us

Book a consultation with our design expert and get a complimentary site visit. Explain your requirements and help our designers shape your vision within your budget.

Review 2D/3D Design

Help us review the designs via a 3D model made by our expert team. Make changes if required in accordance with your design concept. Get a clear visual of how your space will look.

Work Starts

Once you are satisfied with the design and have agreed on estimated expenses, our team will get to work at site and start shaping your dream.

Hand Over

Expect our skilled craftsmen to handover your project within the time agreed upon by you and experience a hassle free installation by us.

What We Offer

Living Room

A living room is the heart of the house. It is the place where the entire family convenes and interacts. The key to living room decor is to make it not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly comfortable. Hatim Furniture aims to deliver to you the right blend of comfort and personal style.

Your dining room is the hub for all family meals. It is the place where you entertain guests and is one of the most used space of a house. Keeping it functional as well as welcoming for guests is a major criteria to consider while executing the decor. Whatever your style, function or budget Hatim Furniture has a dining room design for you.

Transforming an empty room into a kitchen or remodelling your old kitchen to a new one are both very complicated tasks. While planning a functional kitchen the flow of work, placement of appliances and position counter tops are all key points which need careful consideration. With our expert team of professionals these tasks will be handled smoothly and to your utmost satisfaction

Open floor plans can sometimes be very tricky to deal with. Creating a cozy feel by organising a small space or breaking up a larger room with the help of a room divider, not only makes the room more functional but also turns out to be a cost effective solution. Strategically placed dividers allow you to entertain guests while at the same time maintain the privacy of your house. Our skilful team of designers will ensure maximum utilisation of space by adding to it a new dimension of style, making your home functional and versatile.

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